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The Sunbowl has been developing in fame as of late because of its straightforward entry and number of direct game trips. The Sunbowl lies in Sunderland, simply off of highway 116 and is advantageous for climbers from both Amherst and Northampton. This stone outcrop is made of Mt. Toby Conglomerate, a free stone containing many cobbles and pockets, which makes the moving here one of a kind and fingery. There are numerous varieties of courses here going between ~ 5.6 through 5.11.

As of late jolts have been reestablished to this bluff making the Sunbowl a goal for evening exercises and pleasant apprentice brandish leads. The courses increment in trouble from the closures of the bluff towards the center. "Classics" incorporate Mono-stash, 5.10, and ****? A long support cross simply off the ground is conceivable making a decent V2 exercise. The Sunbowl confronts West and is lovely and sunny(!) in the evenings. The stone is permeable and many pockets might be loaded with water or mud after a decent rain.


Draw off onto Clark Mountain Rd. from highway 116 in Sunderland, opposite Frontier Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, and the 7-11, and only South of the "Cliffside" Apartments. Head up this street, and proceed with straight onto a thin soil lane. This street goes up the side of a stream bowl for around two tenths of a mile, passing a recently built, soak cell-tower street, until achieving a T intersection. The left is gated access to the PDA tower. Make a comfortable T and proceed for around one tenth of a mile through a couple of extensive puddles until the third pullout on the left almost a little clearing in the woods. There is commonly a little fire ring here also.



Stroll past the fire ring following the old logging street and trail. Hike about ½ a mile up this street, over a little stream. A little cairn with a genuinely utilized trail on the left denotes the Sunbowl trail. Hike a couple of hundred yards up this trail to the correct end of the cliff. The bluff is ~ 150 ft long with 2 direct trips under the most favorable conditions route by a wide margin to set up climbs is to lead them, however the top can be gotten to by a trail around on the far left end. Be cautious while crossing the top as it is a tricky incline and climbers beneath ought to be wearing head protectors as there are many free shakes.


Current issues

A few of the jolts and top grapples that supplanted the harm left by the hacked jolts quite a while prior have been a developing concern. An exertion was made to use the old jolt gaps when the stays were supplanted however because of the idea of the stone, a few of the new jolts have started to work themselves free addressing the safety of the anchors. Accordingly, the WMCC voted to have individuals from the group evacuate the present stays and supplant them with changeless paste in grapples. These stays are greatly improved suited to the occasionally delicate and brittle nature of the stone at the Sunbowl and will guarantee a substantially more elevated amount of security.