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Rose Ledge

Rose Ledge speaks to one of the districts most prominent climbing goals and deservedly so. The 40'- 60' bluff line contains a plenty of trips for all capacities (5.4-5.13) however exceeds expectations in both number and nature of conservatives climbs. A portion of the exemplary incorporate Guillotine (5.8), Solar Flare (5.11b), Tennessee Flake (5.9) and Beginners Corner (5.5). The stone, like close-by Farley Ledge, is gneiss with evident flat breaks and components. A few trips at Rose are leadable with customary apparatus however the bluff stays most well known as a toprope territory as access to the top is simple and straight forward.

Rose Ledge is situated in Northfield off of Route 63 only south of the Northfield Mountain Recreation and Environmental Center. From Route 2, turn north onto Route 63 and search for Poplar Mountain Road on the directly after around 1.5 miles. Rose Ledge is claimed by FirstLight and Power and they have permitted moving at Rose and at different territories on their property including Farley. The relationship the WMCC has built up with FirstLight and the Recreation and Environmental Center has been essential to saving access to these ridges so please regard any guidelines posted.


About ¼ mile up Poplar Mountain Road opposite the undeniable carport, a verdant pullout on the left denotes the stopping region. This parcel is private property and the proprietors have been sufficiently generous to enable autos to stop here for quite a long time so please try to remain thoughtful. There is a $2 dollar charge for stopping that can be put in the case gave or on your windshield.



From the parking area, keep strolling up the slope to the finish of the cleared street onto to the soil street and single track trail which takes off left into the forested areas. Proceed with straight on the trail and soil streets until the point that you see a sign for Rose Ledges on you appropriate (around a 15 min. climb). The property proprietor toward the finish of the street right now claims and uses the underlying part of the soil street so kindly don't leave your apparatus where it pieces access to his property. Additionally know about the confinements on pets. No canines are permitted, chained or not, past the parking area to the trailhead. If it's not too much trouble regard these solicitations.


Current issues

Rose Ledge was the site of the 2004 Access Fund's Adopt-A-Crag activity which was facilitated by the WMCC and the Northfield Mountain Recreation and Environmental Center. The greater part of the new trail work including the stone strides and stepping stool up the fundamental crevasse were an aftereffect of this exertion and has been generally welcomed. If you don't mind keep on supporting the WMCC as we keep on expanding our work to other famous bluffs in the region.

Commercial Guiding

Since Rose Ledge is totally possessed by FirstLight & Power, climbers and different guests are committed to take after the tenets and regulations established by the Northfield Mountain Environmental & Recreation Center. Some portion of these directions incorporate limitations on the authorized utilization of Rose Ledge for proficient managing administrations. Right now, FirstLight and Northfield Mountain are not intrigued by permitting authorized utilization of the Ledges for commerical climbing classes or treks.