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Reservoir Rocks

The stones at Reservoir Rocks in Great Barrington is contained smaller and finely finished Gneiss which fits specialized and stylish climbing. In spite of the fact that there exists a substantial primary face home to some awesome top reserving courses the spotlight has a place on the phenomenal bouldering at "the Res.". From simple warm-ups to bleeding edge extends the Res., has a tad bit of everything in a lovely calm setting… close by to an awesome little New England town. As of now there are around 250 stone issues on the current rocks and new ones being found in the encompassing territories.


Stopping is along the shoulder of the street at Pine and Quarry Street . Try not to stop at the clasp itself as this is private property and the mortgage holders needn't bother with us stopping on their property. On the off chance that there are no parking spaces accessible, there is a lot of stopping at the Searles School parking area (includes around 5 minutes of additional strolling) right down the road from the trail appropriate. If you don't mind regard the property holders and abutters as they have grasped the climbers and we have to keep up a decent association with the general population who are specifically beside Reservoir Rocks.



From the stopping zone on Pine and Quarry keep strolling up the road to the finish of the cleared street onto to the soil street (which has a chain crosswise over it) and onto the old earth/grass street which heads straight past the Reservoir ("the Res"… get it!). Proceed for 5-10 minutes to where the trail breaks left and starts a slow tough climb. The trail forks once more (bear right) and continue heading tough until the point that it starts to level out. Look to one side and you will start to see the rocks. The main enormous rock you experience is the Erkanan stone with the great "Gem Problem" (V3) on the front side. The rocks in the principle territory are scattered everywhere throughout the slope with landings varying from dead flat to ankle breakers…climb wisely. 


At present Reservoir Rocks is "authoritatively" shut to moving as there is no composed Memorandum of Understanding which exists between the climbers (and other client gatherings) and the Town of Great Barrington. Individuals from the WMCC and the Friends of East Mountain have been taking a shot at saving access to the region for more than 4 years now and gatherings proceed all the time. The long haul objective is to save the open space in interminability for all client gatherings to appreciate this wonderful and exceptional package of land and to permit climbers and non-climbers get to.

Current issues

Repository Rocks and East Mountain was the site of the 2005 Access Fund's Adopt-A-Crag activity which was facilitated by the WMCC and the Friends of East Mountain. Roughly 20 volunteers spent a lovely Fall day building water channels on the current trail and introduced a perfectly made Kiosk (worked by Jon LaValley). What's more, the volunteers pulled out two tremendous truckloads of junk out of the forested areas. We are wanting to proceed with our work this year by chipping away at introducing a stepping stool on the upper levels and to do additionally trail upkeep and tidy up this Fall for the Adopt-A-Crag.