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Rattlesnake Gutter

The Main Cliff, a 70 foot overhanging divider, is situated on private property and is right now closed. This bluff contains a portion of the initial 5.11+ and 5.12 trad courses that were built up in New England, and is second just to Farley in importance. The Gutter itself, a profound stone strewn gorge found north of the gated street, contains an intriguing boulderfield and broken cliffbands where climbing is neither disallowed nor effectively overseen.



Limited parking is available on the western end of Rattlesnake Gutter Road, with the closest boulders only a minute or two away.  Additional parking is located at the eastern end of the road.  Please do not block the gates.



The central portion of Rattlesnake Gutter Road is closed to vehicles, and is easily walked from either end. 


The Main Cliff is on private property and is shut to all open recreation. If you wind up on the north side of the street and not inside the yellow entryways, you are likely trespassing. Regarding the desires of private property proprietors is your legitimate commitment, as well as a basic piece of working access out for what's to come.

Current issues

The proprietor of the Main Cliff has particularly precluded community not simply climbing. The Town of Leverett possesses most of the precipice and stones inside the shut segment of street, and is committed to saving the territory. Please park politely, do your junk, keep commotion to a base (no versatile radios please) and rehearse low-affect climbing and bouldering (no jolts and please scour off your chalk and tick marks). A debt of gratitude is in order for your help!