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Happy Valley & Hide Away

These two ranges speak to a portion of the better bouldering in the Pioneer Valley. While these are actually two unmistakable zones, they are situated from a similar get to point and are inside a 10 minute climb of each other in the event that you know where you are going. Like most of the stone around these parts, the rocks and smaller than usual bluffs are gneiss with some exceptional elements and quality. There are around 50 issues of all evaluations however these territories are noted for the more troublesome issues in the V7 and up extend.


The stopping for the Happy Valley/Hideaway is at a little earth parcel situated toward the finish of Dry Hill Road in Montague. This part is exclusive so please try to remain kind so as not to lose our benefits.



The simplest thing to state here is tail somebody who knows. A decent amount of people, including myself, has become missed around here unless you know precisely where you are going. A trail heads down and ideal from the parking garage at that point crosses two little streams before taking a left onto a backwoods benefit street. Proceed with this street until the point that a swoon trail takes off to the directly through some tall clean brush. This trail will in the end take you to a little rock field and bluff band. Just before the stones, turn left and take after the seepage wash tough until the point when the trail turns out to be more characterized. This will in the end take you to the Hideaway zone. For the Happy Valley, you're all alone, ask a neighborhood or get the New England Bouldering Guidebook by Tim Kemple and Pete Ward for more nitty gritty data.


Current issues

Landowners have communicated worry in the current ascent in prevalence of this range, particularly since the arrival of the manual, however no move has been made for their sake and right now, everything shows up OK. The WMCC has endeavored to reach the landowners to offer our help if concerns emerge.