Farley Ledges

The stone at Farley, similar to quite a bit of shake in the range, is gneiss. It is portrayed by enormous slanting horizontals, little edges and clearing highlights. The moving at Farley is intense so bring your firearms when you appear. The climbing is best when grinding is the most noteworthy. This makes an interpretation of for the most part into perfect spring and fall conditions however the intensely forested range gives plentiful shade to those hot summer days.

As a component of the WMCC arrive obtaining, an ecological administration design has been gathered. Please click here to download the management plan.



For as long as quite a while Farley has had enormous get to issues. The issue is that stopping, trail get to, climbing and bouldering are part over the property of five distinct landowners and an enormous open service organization. Just as of late in any case, through the work of the WMCC, arrive was bought to keep improvement from occuring at the base of the bluffs and to build up perpetual free. Only west from Holmes Ave down Route 2 close to a rock pullout on the precipice side of the road, another parking garage and trailhead have been constructed and what's to come is looking brighter. This new parcel was worked for 16 autos however can take a couple of something beyond. It would be ideal if you stop obligingly. Flood stopping still exists at the old 8-auto lot on Wells Street (Holmes Ave) found just toward the east on Route 2 opposite the lodge looking house. Flood stopping is likewise accessible over the Millers River on Bridge Street (Farley Rd) in the little earth part. It's a 5 min. stroll to both of the two other stopping territories from here. If you don't mind recall that both of these overflow areas are situated on private property and exist at the gererousity of the present landowners. Act as needs be on the grounds that our privelege to stop there can be renounced whenever.




The principle get to trail is situated past the stand toward the finish of the parking area. From the parking area, walk north up the slope to the convergence with the Red Dot trail. Turn right and the trail will twist through the stone field before it meets the multi-state Metacomet-Monadnock Trail (M&M trail) at Briggs Brook. Proceed with straight ahead and the trail will take you to the Wall of Early Mornign Light, the most well known game climbing divider at Farley. To one side the Red Dot trail proceeds around the back and edge of Rattlesnake Mountain which is fantastic 1-1/2 mile climb in it's own privilege. Many bits of trail are situated on private property so please demonstrate your regard. Keep your canines chained when going by Farley Ledge since a significant number of the adjoining landowners likewise have pooches.


Birds of prey have been watched settling at Farley Ledge. With an end goal to secure these state ensured feathered creatures and their natural surroundings and as proposed by the MA Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, the Yellow Wall and Main Slab territories are shut until July 15. This conclusion incorporates all bouldering and reserved moving ABOVE the accompanying rock issues: Terrordactyl, Tweaky Bird, Appetite for Destruction, and Mid-Sized Man. In the event that you are unverifiable about where these arrangements are, simply make certain to remain off the trails, bone and precipices ABOVE the hailing tape.

Current issues

The WMCC brought on the deal to a close of the Lehman house in January 2008. This event denoted a critical stage in the general objectives of this property buy. Endeavors are currently determined to reimbursing any remarkable credits and development of the stopping zone. As of June 2009, regardless we have to raise about $40,000 so your proceeded with help is basic. Stay tuned for data on a few raising support occasions made arrangements for up and coming months.


A couple of trail projects, including this year's Adopt-A-Crag, will be happening later this season. Stay tuned for more info.