Chapel Ledge

House of prayer Ledge is concealed in the tranquil slopes of Ashfield, MA. Sanctuary has solid roots to the climbing history in western Mass and has developed into one of the range's head fledgling ridges presenting some breathtaking settings. The stone at Chapel is strikingly highlighted rock reminiscent of banks in the White Mountains or Yosemite. Sections overwhelm the climbing style here, however more troublesome test pieces, for example, Ken Nichols' Forget-Me-Knot (5.11+) pepper the dividers. Hope to more often than not discover individuals or gatherings here yet the climbing ought not be missed. The little bouldering divider at the base may hang loose also.

Farley Ledges

The stone at Farley, similar to quite a bit of shake in the range, is gneiss. It is portrayed by huge slanting horizontals, little edges and clearing highlights. The moving at Farley is effective so bring your weapons when you appear. The climbing is best when grinding is the most astounding. This makes an interpretation of for the most part into perfect spring and fall conditions however the intensely forested range gives sufficient shade to those hot summer days.

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Happy Valley & Hide Away

These two regions speak to a portion of the better bouldering in the Pioneer Valley. While these are in fact two particular ranges, they are situated from a similar get to point and are inside a 10 minute climb of each other on the off chance that you know where you are going. Like most of the stone around these parts, the rocks and smaller than usual bluffs are gneiss with some remarkable elements and quality. There are approximately 50 issues of all evaluations however these territories are noted for the more troublesome issues in the V7 and up go.


Mormon Hollow

Mormon Hollow speaks to one more of the more prevalent precipices in the Pioneer Valley. Situated in Wendell only south of the Millers River, this bank offers a fine choice of trips of all evaluations with around 30 courses in all running from 5.6-5.13 in all shapes and structures including chunks, specialized face climbs, capable rooftops and splitter breaks. The stone is gneiss and of the most elevated quality. A large portion of the courses were already darted as game trips however were slashed back in the mid 90's. While some of these courses are starting to be reestablished, Mormon remains a region where beat reserving, conventional leads and blended trips win.

Rattlesnake Gutter

The Main Cliff, a 70 foot overhanging divider, is situated on private property and is as of now closed. This bluff contains a portion of the initial 5.11+ and 5.12 trad courses that were built up in New England, and is second just to Farley in importance. The Gutter itself, a profound stone strewn gorge found north of the gated street, contains an intriguing boulderfield and broken cliffbands where climbing is neither precluded nor effectively overseen.



Reservoir Rocks

The stones at Reservoir Rocks in Great Barrington is contained smaller and finely finished Gneiss which fits specialized and stylish climbing. In spite of the fact that there exists a vast fundamental face home to some extraordinary top reserving courses the spotlight has a place on the fabulous bouldering at "the Res.". From simple warm-ups to front line extends the Res., has a tad bit of everything in a delightful calm setting… close by to a magnificent little New England town. Right now there are roughly 250 stone issues on the current rocks and new ones being found in the encompassing ranges.



This little ridge is mainstream with the after-work and after school crowds. Located on Wendell Road in Montague, the precipice confronts east and is typically shady. A scope of soak, juggy rock issues are supplemented by three built up short leads.



Rose Ledge

Rose Ledge speaks to one of the areas most prevalent climbing goals and deservedly so. The 40'- 60' precipice line contains a plenty of ascensions for all capacities (5.4-5.13) however exceeds expectations in both number and nature of conservatives climbs. A portion of the exemplary incorporate Guillotine (5.8), Solar Flare (5.11b), Tennessee Flake (5.9) and Beginners Corner (5.5). The stone, like adjacent Farley Ledge, is gneiss with evident even splits and components. A few ascensions at Rose are leadable with conventional apparatus however the bluff stays most well known as a toprope range as access to the top is simple and straight forward.



The larger part to the stone we appreciate in Western Mass has a tendency to be gneiss, yet we are honored with four different mediums: rock, schist, combination sandstone, and basaltic traprock. The Holyoke Range, an east-west slanting mountain extend, contains some of this Western Mass traprock. Toprope climbing can be found on the south side of Mount Skinner State Park

(, located at the western extent of the Holyoke Range.



The Sunbowl has been developing in ubiquity as of late because of its straightforward entry and number of direct game ascensions. The Sunbowl lies in Sunderland, simply off of highway 116 and is helpful for climbers from both Amherst and Northampton. This stone outcrop is made of Mt. Toby Conglomerate, a free stone containing many cobbles and pockets, which makes the moving here remarkable and fingery. There are numerous varieties of courses here running between ~ 5.6 through 5.11.