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Access: Rattlesnake Gutter

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The elusive Mr. Munn throwing down in the northern Berks.


February 2008 Newsletter

A (not so) Brief History of the WMCC

The formation of the Western Mass Climbers’ Coalition was conceived in response to the access issues at Farley Ledge. The access at Farley has had a tumultuous past and as a result been closed a number of times. When open, visitors to the Ledges have had to navigate an ever changing parking situation and associated approach trails. During the last closure in 2000 the WMCC was formed. It created a point of contact for concerned landowners and in turn was able to educate them to the unique resources in their back yard that we so enjoy

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WMCC Cash Flow Statement 2008

WWCC Cash Flow Statement for 2008

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July 2005 Newsletter

Mormon Hollow and Farley

Ledges were vandalized again. Sometime between the 10th and 12th of May, 15 sets of anchors and the face bolts on three routes were destroyed. Two weeks later, on 25 May four sets of anchors - all on the second tier - were similarly mutilated. All the studs and hangers were stolen, the Rawl sleeves were hammered into the blowholes, and the glue- in anchors were flattened with a sledge. In some cases, the rock surrounding the holes was shattered. Perhaps most disturbing was that the Farley demolition was perpetrated during the Peregrine Falcon closure.


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October 2004 Newsletter

It’s been a struggle lately determining the fate of the Western Mass Climbers’ Coalition. I’m not suggesting the shop is closing; actually it’s quite the opposite. The issues are bigger now and the consequences more real and we, as the WMCC, need to be continually involved and stay active to retain our voice. Accomplishing this requires time. It’s a committed effort from those working to keep us running. I’d personally like to thank all those who have helped over the years and reach out to those who haven’t

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April 2004 Newsletter

The Western Mass Climbers Coalition is approaching three years since it’s inception in 2001. Founded largely in response to growing concerns over the potential loss of several of our local climbing resources, the WMCC has grown to be a significant voice for the climbing community.

Over the past three years, we have raised close to $2000 and signed up 75 people to join our campaign. We have built significant working relationships with landowners, groups such as the AMC, and agencies including the MA Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. We have received grants from the Access Fund, had work recognized by the Boston Society of Landscape Architects, and continue to make strides towards protecting climbing resources and access in Western Massachusetts.


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WMCC Bylaws

Western Massachusetts Climbers’ Coalition Bylaws

2005 DRAFT

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Future Goals

1, 5 and 10-year goals for WMCC

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Biological Survey Report and Management Suggestions for Farley Ledges Erving, MA

Biological Survey Report and Management Suggestions for Farley Ledges Erving, MA

Commissioned by:

Western Massachusetts Climber’s Coalition (WMCC) 1 Lexington Street South Hadley, MA 01075

Written By:

Steve Johnson 15 Old Pelham Road Belchertown, MA 01007


Matt Hickler Roberta Lombardi


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